At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Allstate announced their Shelter-in-Place Payback program. As part of that effort, Allstate also decided to provide Allstate Identity Protection for free for the rest of 2020.

Since this was the first time we’ve offered the entire product for free, we didn’t have a current free-to-paid experience created in the app. From scratch, we created a seamless experience for users to renew their plan — and continue their identity protection and monitoring.




We started by filling out a lean UX canvas with key team members and stakeholders. This was a cross-functional group that included design, content, product management, development, and marketing. We identified business goals, user goals, and our target users.

From there, I worked with the Product Designer to sketch a couple of quick opt-in paths. Then, we collaborated in Figma to build hi-fidelity mockups.

Throughout the process, we involved our marketing stakeholders and tech leads to ensure the experience aligned with marketing efforts, and it was feasible from a tech standpoint.

I consulted with our marketing team to get really dialed in to our two personas. We knew these personas were driven by compelling statistics, and they wanted to know that the product is doing everything it can to protect them. On the main renewal page, I structured the content to include compelling statistics about the product — specifically, the plan they were currently on (the free plan). I also highlighted the top value props that these segments value the most (reimbursement funds, support, and continuous protection).

I also worked closely with our legal team to ensure that the language was within compliance.

The Product Designer and I attended grooming sessions and deskchecks to stay aligned with development. We also attended a sprint demo with QA to identify and prioritize any bugs that were in production.

Toast on dashboard with countdown to plan expiration
Plan renewal page with key stats and reasons to renew
Confirm billing info with prepopulated card and billing address on file
Checkout page with overview of details
Success message
Toast success message in the portal (shown on next instance of landing on the dashboard)


“Team – The user experience for the upgrade is extremely impressive.  From the email to the expiration timeline banner to the personalization of the confirmation, I can honestly say this is some of the highest quality UX design we’ve rolled out.  Compliments to all teams involved.  This is really great stuff.” —Dustin H., EVP of Operations 

“Marisa Cheatum, Vi Lopez and Alla Radunksy coordinated to deliver a seamless and amazingly insightful in-product experience that is synced to work in concert with the marketing plan.” —Sky O., Director of Channel Marketing and Performance Media


Because of the tight turnaround time, it would have been ideal to do some usability testing. But we were ready to make any quick pivots depending on performance or drop-off rates within the experience.

Due to tech constraints, we had to scratch the downgrade path and only give the option for users to stay on their current plan. Since the product was initially offered for free, a lot of our users were on the highest tier, and we anticipated users wanting to downgrade to a lower-priced tier. Ideally, we would have liked to included a downgrade, as well as an upgrade path. 

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