Our team was tasked with bringing a final expense life insurance application completely online for one of our clients. Traditional life insurance applications are long, dry, and sometimes hard to understand. I partnered with the UX Product Designer to ensure the e-app content and design was friendly and seamless for users.


  • Users are looking for an easy and quick way to apply for final expense life insurance online
  • Users are often confused by traditional paper life insurance applications


  • Ensuring the language was in compliance with legal regulation
  • Ensuring the questions elicited the most accurate and honest responses
  • Limiting the life insurance jargon so users aren't confused and minimize friction
  • Making the language as user-friendly as possible while meeting regulatory and client style/voice requirements


I leveraged research done by the company’s behavioral scientist to rewrite the life insurance application. I looked at ways questions could be phrased in order to elicit the most honest response from users. This helps users get accurate quotes and premiums, as well as helps the business avoid risk. I organized medical questions so it would be easy for users to go through without having to stop and think too much — to help reduce cognitive overload and improve conversions. 



Medical question avoids yes/no answers so user can answer honestly

I conducted a competitive research audit to find out what other companies offered compared to ours. This helped me identify value propositions to be used across the product and the marketing materials.

The UX Researcher on our team conducted research to build user personas. I used the research and personas to find out pain-points and obstacles we would have to try to overcome within the application. 

I also ensured the content of the application was free from hard-to-understand jargon and included tooltips to help guide users where necessary. Sometimes, specific language was required, but I made sure there were tooltips to explain certain ideas. I worked with the client’s compliance and comms teams to make sure the language was compliant and in the brand’s voice.

Tooltip used to explain a beneficiary


Finally, I worked with product designer to create a high-fidelity wireframe and ensured content was seamlessly integrated with the design. Below is the final wireframe for the e-app. This includes the entire process, from getting a quote to submitting a signed application.

Final wireframe

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